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Case Results

The Blanch Law Firm’s proven track record of success in the defense of our clients speaks volumes for our criminal trial team. Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Major Airline Carrier Successfully Defended in Antitrust Price-Fixing Investigation

A major airline carrier was successfully defended by The Blanch Law Firm in a massive federal case involving air cargo price-fixing. In one of the largest criminal antitrust investigations in U.S. history, other defendants plead guilty, had executives sent to prison, and paid more than $1.7 billion in fines; our client plead not guilty and was successfully defended. Charge: Antitrust Price-Fixing Facing: 19 executives have been charged with wrongdoing – four have gone to prison – and 21...

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Larceny Charges

Our client was accused of 6 separate counts of criminal forgery and 6 separate counts of larceny. If they were convicted at trial they would have been sentenced to a prison term that could have been over 30 years. The Blanch Law Firm was able to secure a dismissal of all charges against the client, protecting their rights and restoring their freedom. Charge: 6 counts of criminal forgery and 6 counts of larceny. Facing: Over 30 years in prison. Result: All charges...

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Kickbacks – Fortune 500

Our client was an officer at a Fortune 500 medical supply company. Our client was under investigation for issuing and receiving kickbacks as payment for securing contracts to equip medical facilities overseas. Because of the efforts of the attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm, no arrest, or indictment was made and the investigation was closed. Charge: Kickbacks at a Fortune 500 company. Facing: Over 15 years in prison. Result: No charges filed; case...

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Jury Acquits Currency Trader of Money Laundering Charges

Client was charged by federal prosecutors with money laundering for allegedly transferring proceeds abroad using a currency arbitrage platform. A jury found our client not guilty of money laundering after a two-year long defense. Charge: Money Laundering Result: Not...

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International Narcotics Ring Investigation

Our client was indicted as part of an investigation into an international drug ring. Our client was accused of taking part in a conspiracy to smuggle massive amounts of cocaine into JFK airport in New York City and distribute the drugs throughout the area. The Blanch Law Firm was able to challenge the evidence and weaken the Federal Government’s case to the point where they offered our client a plea deal that would result in a period of probation, but no jail time. Charge: Conspiracy...

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