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Should MySpace, Orkut and other online communities be held legally responsible for online domestic violence crimes committed by their users?
For every boon there is always a downside-such is the case with the Internet, which has become not only the information highway, but also a playground for individuals who seek to wreak havoc on others. As San Diego criminal defense attorneys are quickly learning, as useful and entertaining as the Internet can be, a lot of information about Internet users resides online and an enterprising criminal knows where and how to find it.

Although recently eclipsed more traditional Web sites to become one of the Top 10 Internet destinations, several widely publicized incidents of cyber stalking have also raised concerns about user safety. In addition, the discussion has now turned to questioning the responsibility of the management of these online communities when a domestic crime is committed by their members. San Diego criminal defense attorneys are aware that chat rooms and online communities are not the only electronic means used for cyber stalking; E-mail, text and instant messaging are also being used to harass victims. [read more]

The evolution of cybercrime from past to the present
Every so often we experience an advance in technology that is so radical it not only changes the way that societies interact, it also has a fundamental affect on the behaviour of the criminal element within that society: introducing completely new and previously unheard of words into our everyday language usage. Henry Ford's invention of the motorcar is a classic example of this point (coining terms such as car-jacking and get-away car). Ask any criminal defense lawyer what, in their opinion, has been the most radical change in criminal behaviour, however, and probably the biggest response you'll receive is cybercrime. What, however, is cybercrime and how can it have had such a profound impact on our lives in such a short space of time? [read more]