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The Evolution of Criminal Justice
In earliest times it was a crime to displease either the gods or the king. The Mesopotamian king Hammurabi (1795-1750 BC), "the exalted prince, who feared God" felt be was divinely called "to bring about the rule of righteousness in the land, to destroy the wicked and the evil-doers; so that the strong should not harm the weak." Discovered in 1901, the Code of Hammurabi was carved into the sides of an eight-foot-high monument, for the first time that was know of spelled out clearly, for all to see, the expectations and penalties that applied to each inhabitant of the realm. [read more]

Are Similar Skills Used To Investigate? A Crime Scene and Commentate a Football Penalty Decision?
The profession of criminal justice is a fascinating field of work. The skills one must learn to earn a forensic science degree or become a crime scene investigator, are founded of principles of forensic psychology and criminology. In crime scene training, the investigator is looking for clues that will lead to understanding what type of crime was committed, the identity of the perpetrator of the crime and their motive.

In order for criminal justice to be truthfully served, it is necessary for the crime scene investigator to be impartial. This characteristic is essential to by football commentators who analyze penalty decisions. Both of these activities have several things in common: [read more]

What is Criminal Justice? Information about Criminal Justice
The term 'criminal Justice' is much wider than what is normally perceived. As the words (criminal - justice) indicate, in simple terms it refers to the deserved justice to the criminal community at the various stages between the committed crime and punishment. Legally and literally criminal justice covers a wide gamut of activities beginning from the detection and includes apprehension, detention, pre and post trial releases besides the prosecution, adjudication, and rehabilitation of the criminals or offenders. Criminal justice also refers to the method used by the government in enforcing the law of the land, maintaining the control over the society and also in administering the justice. [read more]

Criminal Justice Degree Online
A criminal justice degree online may open up a fiesta of opportunities in the job market that many are not aware. In today's world of fierce competition, having a university degree in some subject may not help you to earn a good living. Specialization is the key word in today's world of competition and perfection. Quite often most of us do not give due thought before acquiring a qualification or choosing a career. The degree you have chosen may be in sociology and the job may be of an accountant and still you may be craving for a career in investigative journalism, see the paradox! [read more]

How does a Criminal justice degree help?
In the present world, people pay much attention to issues such as homeland security, public safety, airport security and terrorism. They are interested in subjects related to criminology, criminal psychology and other related subjects. There are many branches of the criminology or criminal justice in which you can obtain proficiency y taking up these subjects as you major during your degree course. With a criminal justice degree you can easily get a job and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has recognized this branch of study as one of the top five careers.

With a criminal justice degree or criminology, you can opt for different careers in the local, state and federal government departments as well as in the private sector. You can also go for a teaching job in any college or universities. You need to have a master's degree or Ph D. in criminal justice or criminology in order to get a teaching job. [read more]

Information on Criminal Justice School
Accreditation of the criminal justice school is an important point that has to be taken into consideration when choosing the best school for your enrolment for criminal studies. By accreditation, it means that these schools and its programs have been reviewed by representatives of the US Department of Education. Once the school seeking accreditation has passed certain norms laid forward by this department, then the school is provided accreditation by this department. So if you get a degree from an accredited school, the degree will be recognized and accepted throughout the nation by all employers.

The US Department of Education basically funds six regional accreditation (RA) bodies along with two spin-offs from two of these RA bodies. These bodies are in charge of providing accreditation to all the schools that fall according to the jurisdictions of their region. These bodies are found in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the New England Association of schools and colleges, the North Central Associations of Colleges and Schools, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The two spin offs that you find from these colleges are the Western Association's Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities and the North Central's Higher Learning Commission. So if your criminal justice school is a school that has been accredited by one of these eight groups that receive funding from U.S. Dept of Education, and has site visit-peer review, then you can be sure the school has the best accreditation you can think of. All degrees issued from a criminal justice school from this group of schools will be accepted by all employers to facilitate easy employment. [read more]