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Law Theme Pagerank Buttons

Law Pagerank Buttons are FREE law themed pagerank buttons for your site. If you don't already know what is pagerank, see Google Pagerank Technology. By copy-pasting the below codes on appropriate pages you can display related pagerank law buttons(visuals) on your pages. Samples can be seen at our pages. Codes are getting the pagerank value from google with a scale of 0 to 10 and displays the appropriate pagerank law button(visual) on your page.

With adding these pagerank law buttons on your site, your visitors can see your pages' pageranks with law themes. According to current internet marketers, exposing is a web 2.0 trend and they also say that visitors are bookmarking sites according to their pageranks or alexa rankings. Also your site will be a part of great community which this tool is used by 293 law related sites. And still counting...

Step 1: Choose one of the below codes and add inside your site code(between the <body> </body> tags).
Step 2: Change with your site like or your blog

Law Pagerank Buttons

For sites which have lighter backgrounds:

For sites which have darker backgrounds:

Images are copyrighted under Criminal Lawyer Group (CLG). Project made by the creators of Pagerank Visualization Tool.