Criminal Lawyer Group is comprised of a top notch criminal defense attorney team, dedicated to preserving the freedom and success of our clients. We represent clients facing government investigations for blackmail, racketeering and related charges. Our results driven approach to defending blackmail charges involves assigning multiple members of our White Collar Defense Attorney team to defend you during investigations, trial and potentially appeals.

Successful White Collar Defense:

At Criminal Lawyer Group, our successful track record of defending White Collar Charges such as blackmail and racketeering is highly sought after throughout the business community. Our knowledge of the Hobbs Act, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, as well as other federal and state blackmail statutes is unmatched. For example, our successful experience includes: Our Client was the subject of a federal investigation into a prostitution ring and possible racketeering, which was stemming from the Eliot Spitzer/Emperor’s Club scandal. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to deal with the investigation in a manner that prevented an arrest. Our client worked for a major medical supply company and was under investigation for possible bid rigging and antitrust violations. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to deal with the investigation in a manner that prevented the arrest and criminal prosecution of our client.

Blackmail Defense:

If you are under an investigation for any white collar charge involving racketeering and/or blackmail, you need a white collar attorney who understands the law and has a solid background in government investigations. Our white collar attorney team is comprised of attorneys who have spent years in various district attorneys’ offices, giving them a unique insight into prosecution tactics and government investigations. We work with clients facing racketeering charges, blackmail charges, RICO violations or related white collar crimes. We also have experience with both the Criminal Side of racketeering and blackmail and the civil lawsuits related to those charges as well.

Related Blackmail Defense Experience:

Criminal Lawyer Group’s white collar crime experience involves more than just defending blackmail charges and investigations. We also defend the following related white collar charges: Extortion Bribery RICO Money Laundering Embezzlement And Much more

Blackmail and Racketeering Penalties:

Our skilled white collar attorneys successfully defend our clients and keep them out of prison and free from crushing financial penalties as well. Blackmail and racketeering penalties can include: Imprisonment of up to five years Fines (which are dependent on the amount involved in the blackmail) Probation

Contact Us:

If you are facing blackmail charges, racketeering charges or if you need a qualified white collar attorney, Contact Criminal Lawyer Group today at 844-227-1981. Our skilled defense attorneys can analyze your case and provide top-notch legal counsel.