Criminal Lawyer Group has a successful track record of defending even the most serious and high profile drug crimes, providing top-notch defense services for the accused. Our criminal defense attorney team possesses a unique background and one of a kind knowledge in drug crimes and drug crimes defense.

Success Drug Crime Lawyer Team:

At Criminal Lawyer Group, our results driven approach to defending Drug Crime Charges sets us apart from the competition. We assign five or more members of our drug crime lawyer team, each dedicated to the freedom and well-being of our clients. Our successful case results include: Our client was indicted as part of an international cocaine trafficking ring, and accused of conspiring to smuggle the substance in from the Dominican Republic and distribute in the United States. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to secure a deal so that our client pled to a lesser charge as was given a sentence with probation but not jail. Our client’s vehicle was search by the police and a large cache of narcotics was discovered. Our client was charged with four different counts of Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree. The case was dismissed as grounds for search were determined to be illegal. Our client was arrested and charged with the sale of 5 kilograms of cocaine. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to secure a deal where our client pled to a violation and received a sentence that did not involved any time in prison. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, Contact the drug crime lawyer team at Criminal Lawyer Group today.

Drug Crime Lawyer Team:

Our drug crime lawyer team is comprised of some of the premier criminal defense attorneys in New York. Many of our senior attorneys served in New York district attorneys’ offices, giving them unmatched insight into prosecution tactics, , defending Major Felonies, the criminal defense process and drug crime judges. Our drug crime lawyer team includes Edward J. McQuat who served as a Senior Assistant District Attorney in New York for approximately sixteen years; for the last seven of those years Mr. McQuat served as Chief of the Narcotics Bureau.

Drug Crimes:

At Criminal Lawyer Group, we defend the following drug crimes: Distribution/Manufacturing Criminal Possession Sales Trafficking Federal Drug Crimes

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If you or a loved one has been accused of a drug crime, Contact the drug crime lawyer team at Criminal Lawyer Group today.

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