Criminal Lawyer Group possesses an unmatched ability to defend weapons & firearms charges, including high profile felony weapons charges. Our criminal defense firm has a strong reputation for getting positive judgments for our clients because we utilize a results driven approach to defense. We assign multiple members of our criminal defense attorney team to every weapons charges case we handle, assuring a comprehensive review and the best results for our clients.

Successful weapons charges cases:

Our Client was accused of trying to bring a loaded handgun into JFK airport. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to have the charges dismissed. Our client was charged with the criminal possession of two unlicensed loaded handguns, after they were found in the trunk of their vehicle. If convicted of both charges they could have faced up to 30 years in jail. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to secure a Disposition for the client where they would receive no Jail time.

Weapons & Firearms Charges Defense:

You may be facing a weapons charge as your sole criminal violation, or in addition to other criminal charges. For example, weapons charges can be added onto homicide, assault and other violent crimes as a way to either increase your jail time or increase the leverage power of the prosecution. Knowing prosecution tactics is a major asset for any successful weapons charge defense. As a result of spending decades working for District Attorneys’ Offices, our Criminal Defense Attorneys possess a unique knowledge of prosecution tactics, the New York penal code and federal penal code (including The Brady Bill). Criminal Lawyer Group’s criminal defense attorney team will aggressively defend you and employ a team of expert witnesses to investigate your case. Each attorney at our firm has proven courtroom experience, and we make it a priority to stock our firm with impeccable trial lawyers. Every member of our criminal defense firm had a reputation for a winning trial technique, some of whom even before they left law school. A weapons charge is no laughing matter, and New York law hands down heavy penalties for such violations. Firearms and Gun Laws In New York are detailed and sometimes prosecuted in a prejudicial manner. Our criminal defense attorneys fight to make sure you have a fair trial with a successful outcome.

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Other Weapons & Firearms Offenses We Handle:

Carrying a Concealed Weapon
Discharge of Firearm
Illegal Possession of a Firearm
Illegal Use of a Firearm
Weapons Trafficking