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The email spamming, a cybercrime? A time massacre?
The Internet, or, more accurately, email, has spawned one of the greatest nuisances of our time, "spam". Conservative estimates are that 100 million people receive at least one spam email. It is also estimated that somewhere between 50 percent and 70 percent of all email messages are spam. As you will see, quantifying the cost of spam email is difficult, but even conservatively the cost to lost business must be in the billions, rather than millions, of dollars. Hardly suprising then that anti-spam advocates want to see anti-spam criminal laws enacted around the world. [read more]

What is Criminal Law? Information about Criminal Law
Can you imagine a country without laws? Without rules to follow, an institution will be in peril. Lots of criminals will be everywhere and people will not achieve peace. That is why laws are created.

Criminal law is a law that deals with the crime committed against the public by the public. This law is focusing on the general public and how they respond or take charges for the offenses they have made.

Criminal law often brings different offenses such as motoring offenses, and other offenses to the State. The reason why criminal law is made is to discipline the person and to protect the people from criminals. [read more]

The famous police serial, Law and order: Criminal Intent
Law and order: criminal intent is the name of one of America's leading television series. This is a series that is set in New York City where the first episode of the series was aired on September 30, 2001. This has been along running series where it is now in the fifth series and has been booked for a sixth season too.

Law and order: Criminal intent is a series that was created as a prelude to the long-running crime drama Law and Order. The actors in the series Law and Order: Criminal Intent are Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Courtney.B.Vance and Chris Noth. If you want to see the reruns of this series, it can be seen on the USA and Bravo Cable TV networks. The fresh episodes of the series can be seen on Sundays on NBC at 9p.m. [read more]