The Criminal Lawyer Group is an assembly of the nations top criminal defense attorneys.  We practice in criminal litigation and we have successfully defended clients charged with federal and state crimes throughout the country.  Our attorneys deal with complex federal fraud cases, tax fraud cases, securities fraud cases, money laundering, drug charges, and more.

The Criminal Lawyer Group offers its clients the assurance that they have some of the most qualified criminal defense attorneys in the world in their corner.

Each of our attorneys is hand-selected to join the Criminal Lawyer Group in consideration of their qualifications, experience, and accolades in their particular practice area.  Our ability to deploy resources and manage complex, multi-jurisdictional cases is what has to lead us to be named as one of the premier criminal defense firms in the nation.

Our Selection Process

Each criminal defense attorney that is selected to join the Criminal Lawyer Group goes through an extensive review process to ensure that they meet or exceed our strict quality guidelines.

Our mission is to recruit the most highly sought after criminal defense attorneys in each city in order to provide our clients with the most premier criminal defense team in the nation.

Our selection process includes evaluating factors about each attorney including, their:

  • Education;
  • Publications;
  • Honors/Awards;
  • Years of Experience;
  • Position Within their Law Firm;
  • Special Licensing and Certifications;
  • Verdict and Settlement History;
  • Jurisdiction; and more.

Our attorneys are some of the most successful criminal defense attorneys in the country and have represented clients in federal and state cases, government investigations, criminal appeals, and more.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime and are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.


In keeping with our commitment to excellent client service, our recruiting team has scouted the country to select and recruit from the nation’s top criminal defense attorneys in their chosen focus areas of criminal defense.  

These strategic alliance partners maintain their own distinct identities and law firms while allying with CLG to collaborate on aspects of law firm building so that they can focus more of their efforts on what they do best: criminal defense.     

What this means for you…   

Contact us to help you locate and hire the best criminal defense firm for your specific legal matter.  Whether you are dealing with federal or state investigation or case, and whether white collar, organized crime, health care fraud, street crime, drug crime, or investment fraud allegations are at play, Criminal Lawyer Group can help you assemble the best criminal defense team for your specific matter.    


Would you hire a DUI defense attorney to handle a complex tax evasion probe by the IRS’s criminal division?  Probably not.  In addition, if a criminal attorney has both practice areas listed on their website, which crime are they more adept at defending?    

How many cases or investigations of each have they handled?  Does their background and years of experience make them a strong candidate for navigating the complexities of a protracted and in-depth federal probe?     

To the average person, these are difficult questions to answer.  All criminal defense attorneys look alike on the internet but make no mistake: criminal defense is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  And choosing the right firm is the single most important decision you can make in your criminal case and, perhaps, in your life.   

At Criminal Lawyer Group, we know criminal lawyers and can tell the difference between the best fit for both your state organized crime defense counsel and your federal wire fraud investigation.   One firm might be best suited for both, but they might not.   

Other firms might tell you that they, alone, represent the very best option to defend you from the government’s allegations.  At the Criminal Lawyer Group, we will gladly give you several options beyond our law firm to consider.  We know you need options, and we’re happy to provide them.    

Call us for an honest assessment of your criminal matter. We will either handle your matter personally or get you off to the best fit.   

Either way, we’ve got your back.