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Major Airline Carrier Successfully Defended in Antitrust Price-Fixing Investigation

A major airline carrier was successfully defended by The Blanch Law Firm in a massive federal case involving air cargo price-fixing. In one of the largest criminal antitrust investigations in U.S. history, other defendants plead guilty, had executives sent to prison, and paid more than $1.7 billion in fines; our client plead not guilty and was successfully defended. Read...

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Inside Bernie Madoff’s New Home… for the Next 150 Years

After being sentenced to the Maximum Life Term in prison, the Ponzi prince is headed to back to temporary jail. But soon he’ll be headed to federal prison, where one lawyer says “psycho” inmates could be waiting to stab him. As the epically slimy financial swindler Bernie Madoff pled guilt this morning, even his attorneys seemed to agree he would be taking up a long, hard, and certainly permanent residency in the clink. Due to the sheer magnitude of his crime and the probable length of...

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Federal Case Against Marketing CEO Dismissed

21 defendants were charged in a criminal conspiracy case involving conspiracy, money laundering and human trafficking. Our client’s case was dismissed. Read...

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Engineer Charged by the FBI with Stealing Corporate Trade Secrets

he Blanch Law Firm successfully represented a former engineer for a top global medical technology corporation charged with stealing trade secrets from his employer. The maximum potential penalty for the theft of trade secrets charge is 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Read...

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Criminals or Producers Gone Wild?

A DVD Purporting to show real footage of violent crimes including Shootings, Carjackings and Sexual Assault has the Internet buzzing, police investigating and critics outraged at reality filmmaking gone wild. Producer Ousala Aleem, 25, says he has already sold more than 10,000 copies of “Criminals Gone Wild,” which reportedly contains raw and uncut footage of robberies, muggings, drive-by shootings and assaults. Read...

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