You will never know when you may need the services of a criminal defense lawyer in your day-to-day life. It’s not that you will purposely break the law or something; sometimes unavoidable things happen. Sometimes, you won’t even know that you had done a mistake till you get a court notice! This is when the services of a criminal defense lawyer have to be sought.

Once you receive a court notice, there is no point in attempting to fight the case without a lawyer as this is impossible! You have to have a good backing of a good criminal defense lawyer. To choose the best criminal defense lawyer, it is always better to approach the more famous law firms. Of course, their fees may be higher, but you are more certain of a win in the case if you use their services.

One important point to remember when hiring a criminal defense lawyer is to be comfortable and true with the lawyer. It is important that you mention the exact details of the case you are booked for. If it is a murder, rape or robbery, it is very important that you give the truth to them as it is of no use bluffing to them. If you bluff, the lawyer cannot create as strong a case for you!

The main intention of the criminal defense lawyer is to get your case dismissed as easily and as quickly as possible. He is the person in charge of providing legal representation to you. Not only can the criminal defense lawyer prevent you from being taken into custody, he or she is also in charge of assisting you from any other form of incrimination that you may face. This is done by the lawyer instructing you on what to say and what not to say during the hearing. The criminal defense lawyer has the authority of talking on your behalf and in defending against the case placed on you. He questions any witnesses there are in the defense case and also cross-examines the witnesses of the prosecution.

When hiring the criminal lawyer, it is important that you first clarify the rates the lawyer charges. Some lawyers ask for full payment before the completion of the case while some take partial payments during the course of the case. In case you can’t afford to hire a criminal defense lawyer, there is a court rule wherein the court has to hire a criminal defense lawyer for a victim who cannot afford a lawyer. The court either pays the full charge or partial charge of the defense lawyer. It all depends on your income.

Defense lawyers have to be approached for white collar crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes and other related crimes. The California criminal defense lawyer is said to be the most successful criminal defense lawyer as they have become lawyers after passing the California bar exam, the toughest bar exam in the U.S. So if you need the best criminal defense lawyer, the California criminal defense lawyer is the person to approach. Fees may be higher, but success is what they promise in return!