In the present world, people pay much attention to issues such as homeland security, public safety, airport security and terrorism. They are interested in subjects related to criminology, criminal psychology and other related subjects. There are many branches of the criminology or criminal justice in which you can obtain proficiency y taking up these subjects as you major during your degree course. With a criminal justice degree you can easily get a job and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has recognized this branch of study as one of the top five careers.

With a criminal justice degree or criminology, you can opt for different careers in the local, state and federal government departments as well as in the private sector. You can also go for a teaching job in any college or universities. You need to have a master’s degree or Ph D. in criminal justice or criminology in order to get a teaching job.

Criminal justice degree or criminology is an extensive field where you can undertake any specialization course in different branches such as criminal justice administration, criminology, business law, court procedures, juvenile justice, domestic violence, policing, court report writing, forensic science, paralegal studies, crime scene investigation, public security, private security and various other related branches. You can become eligible for any job in the federal or state law department depending on the branch of your specialization. You can also apply for any job in the law firms, FBI agencies, banks, and insurance companies and also in other organizations as legal advisor if you possess a criminal justice degree. You can also apply for jobs in those organizations, which are based for the public safety. The pay scale for the jobs in this field is very attractive.

A criminal justice degree can open out a wide array of job opportunities with immense potential for growth and advancement. You can get the best salaries and compensations if you have a criminal justice degree. You can apply for entry level jobs at probation departments, corporate security firms, Financial investigation office, Parole agencies, Drug and firearms agency, Local, state or federal police departments, Immigration departments, Correctional institutions, Secret services, The department of diplomatic security, Private detective companies, Cyber crime departments and customs department.

With this wide range of choice to choose, you need to decide upon your area of specialization depending on the subjects in which you are interested. Your specialization will have depend upon the type of work you would like to do whether it would be a desktop job or field work. Some of this job has a large element of personal risk. So you must decide upon your branch of specialization depending on your interests and make yourself best qualified for the particular career or job opportunity.

If you are interested working for the children, then you can choose a degree, which deals with the juveniles. If you are interested in public security, then you can choose that specific branch of study and specialize on it. If you are interested in a relatively safe job with minimum risk, then you can opt to be legal advisors for business companies and other departments. If you are interested in prison management, then you can take up a degree in the correction management. You should first decide upon the career you would like to join and then opt for the criminal justice degree that will qualify you for that particular career.