Criminal law attorneys are those who defend the criminal law cases. Criminal law better known as penal law consists of both fundamental and common laws that deal with both the nature of the crime committed as well as the retribution.

Now what is “crime”? Basically, any such action which does not follow public law is said to be a crime. An act (actus reus), a mental state (men’s rea) and the intent to do social harm are all elements of a criminal offense, and are classified as felonies which are serious wrongs like rape, assault, battery, murder or theft (which are liable to be punished by means of imprisonment) and misdemeanors which are lesser wrongs like possession of a limited amount of weed or a traffic violation (which can be punished by simply a fine).

Criminal law is very different from civil law especially in as much that the latter are clashes which are not of much public concern. Also, instead of concerning private law suits between private units, criminal law attorneys work on the behalf of patrons who are being condemned by the state or federal government .The prosecutor initiates the suit in case of a criminal offense rather than the victim, as in civil law. While the criminal law case prosecutor has to prove to the judge beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is indeed guilty of the crime charged, all that is required to be shown in a civil law suit is the dominance of the evidence that a defendant is more than 50 % guilty for the damages.

Chastisement, the psychological treatment of controlling of behavior through fear of retribution, making it impossible for the offender to repeat his offense by some method or the other, and therapy are the main suggestions of criminal justice. Also, another tactic is disapproving certain kinds of behavioural patterns, by doing which the society brings about a sense of justice. Answering not guilty when you are is a serious offense but it is the only way in which you can have a trial is if you plead innocence. It is assumed that one is innocent until proven guilty although unfortunately some adjudicators do not abide by this, and in fact believe in the opposite logic. However your chances are obviously better if you have a trial, and if your criminal law attorney thinks that the proof against you is flimsy. Even though the cops can request you to come with them to a police station for interrogation, you are not bound to go till you have been arrested, and nor is that a good enough reason to put you behind the bars. It is vital that you speak to a criminal law attorney as soon as possible because whatever you say may be used against you in a court of law, and ask him or an unbiased witness to be present during the interrogation.

If one can not afford a lawyer, one has the right to be assigned one by the government who zealously look after one’s interests. For this all one has to do is complete an affirmation that one is not in a position to hire help and apply for an attorney appointed by the government as per the Unites States’ Constitution ,if charged with an offense. A criminal law attorney will be appointed for you, if your request is granted, but if you are found guilty of a crime, you may have to repay some or all of the cost of your defense if the court determines any financial ability to do so.

A good criminal law attorney is hard to find, but and the popular ones are expensive too; hence one should not let go of one if and when one comes across one.