Criminal Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

The Criminal Lawyer Group is composed of top-rated attorneys who have successfully represented corporate clients and individuals from Los Angeles facing federal and state criminal charges and government investigations in each of the four (4) federal district courts:

1. Central District of California
2. Northern District of California
3. Eastern District of California
4. Southern District of California

Our team consists of former prosecutors and award winning defense attorneys who have been recognized for their success in criminal defense litigation. If you or someone you know is currently under investigation or has been charged with a crime in California, please feel free to give us a call at (212) 736-0030.

Our los Angeles criminal lawyers defend all kinds of criminal cases including:

About Healthcare Fraud Attorneys Access Device Fraud Attorneys Aggravated Assault Attorneys Aggravated Sexual Abuse Attorneys Antitrust Attorneys Art and Art Gallery Fraud Attorneys Attempt to Commit Murder or Manslaughter Attorneys Bank Fraud Attorneys Bankruptcy Fraud Attorneys Breaking Entering Carrier Facilities Attorneys Bribery Attorneys Broker Dealer Investment Adviser Fraud Attorneys Check Fraud Attorneys Civil Forfeiture Proceedings Attorneys Computer Hacking Attorneys Conspiracy White Collar Attorneys Conspiring-to-defraud Attorneys Corporate Espionage Attorneys Corporate Fraud Attorneys Corporate Securities Fraud Attorneys Counterfeiting Forging Attorneys Credit Card and Gift Card Fraud Attorneys Criminal Appeals Attorneys Cryptocurrency Crimes Attorneys Currency Financial Crimes Attorneys Cyber Crimes Attorneys Defend Against Charges of Drug Trafficking Attorneys Destruction of an Energy Facility Attorneys Destruction of Records Attorneys Drug Enforcement Administration Attorneys Drug Manufacturing Distribution Attorneys Drug Sales Attorneys Drug Trafficking Rings Attorneys Drug Weapons Violent Crimes Attorneys Economic Espionage Attorneys Embezzlement Against an Estate Attorneys Embezzlement Charges Attorneys Employment Tax Fraud Attorneys Environmental Crimes Attorneys Evading Reporting Requirements Attorneys Exporting Munitions Attorneys Extortion or Threats Attorneys False Social Security Numbers Attorneys Falsely Claiming Zero Wages Attorneys Falsifying Business Records Attorneys FBI Attorneys

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Criminal Lawyer Group's Los Angeles Practice is a group of attorneys who are nationally recognized for their experience handling federal criminal cases, including charges related to:

(1) Money Laundering - 18 U.S.C. 1956-1957

(2) Mail and Wire Fraud - 18 U.S.C. 1341-1343

(3) Insurance Fraud - 18 U.S.C. 1033

(4) Health Care Fraud - 18 U.S.C. 1347

(5) Workers Compensation Fraud - 18 U.S.C. 1920

Federal Securities and Financial Crimes

Our attorneys have represented clients facing criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice and investigations carried out by federal financial agencies including the:

(1) IRS Criminal Investigation ("IRS-CI") - Investigate criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code.
(2) Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") - Enforces federal securities laws.
(3) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ("FNRA") - Enforces FINRA & MSRB rules.
(4) Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN") - Bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury that collects and analyzes information about financial transactions in order to combat money laundering and other financial crimes.

Federal Health Care Fraud Attorneys

Our Federal Health Care Practice includes a long list of clients investigated by federal health care agencies. These agencies investigate federal fraud in Medicare and Medicaid programs and include the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General and various other federal and state agencies.

If you or someone you know is currently under investigation or has been charged with a federal crime in California, please feel free to give us a call at (212) 736-0030.

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State Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our attorneys have developed a reputation among the likes of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice. In some instances, federal agencies form joint task forces with state agencies in order to investigate and prosecute particular offenses.

For example, in 2010, the L.A. Criminal Gang Homicide Division and the FBI announced that they would be creating The Operation Save Our Streets (SOS) Joint Task Force, to combat violent homicides in South Los Angeles, California.

California Penal Code

Our Los Angeles, California, practice is here to represent you against all types of California state criminal charges. We have experience defending clients against each of the crimes listed below.

The crimes listed below are state crimes that can be found in the:
- California Penal Code;
- California Civil Code;
- California Insurance Code;
- California Corporations Code; and
- California Welfare and Institutions Code.

The list below is divided into two (2) sections which include:
(1) crimes against the public; and
(2) crimes against property.

Crimes Against the Public (Title 7)

1. Bribery and Corruption - California Penal Code §§ 92 -100

2. Perjury - California Penal Code § 118

3. Conspiracy - California Penal Code §§ 182 - 185

4. Criminal Profiteering - California Penal Code §§ 186 - 186.8

5. Money Laundering - California Penal Code § 186.10

6. Fraud and Embezzlement - California Penal Code §§ 186.11 - 186.12

State Crimes Against Property (Title 13)

1. Elder Abuse Fraud - California Penal Code § 368

2. Forgery and Counterfeiting - California Penal Code §§ 470 - 483.5

3. Check Fraud - California Penal Code § 476

4. Credit Card Fraud - California Penal Code § 484

5. Securities Fraud - California Corporations Code §§ 25110-22541

6. Misappropriation of Lost Property - California Penal Code § 485

7. Grand Theft - California Penal Code § 487

8. Receiving Stolen Property - California Penal Code § 496(a)

9. Embezzlement - California Penal Code §§ 503 - 515

10. Extortion - California Penal Code §§ 518 - 527

11. Identity Theft and False Impersonation - California Penal Code §§ 528 - 539

12. Insurance Fraud - California Penal Code §§ 548 - 551

13. False Claims - California Penal Code § 548

14. Soliciting or Referring Fraudulent Businesses - California Penal Code § 549

15. Health Care Insurance Fraud - California Penal Code § 550

16. Workers Comp. Fraud - California Penal Code § 550(10) & Insurance Code § 1871.4

17. Auto Insurance Fraud - California Penal Code § 551

18. Welfare Insurance Fraud - California Welfare & Institutions Code § 10980

19. Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud - California Penal Code § 487 (see Grand Theft)

20. Foreclosure Fraud - California Civil Code § 2945 & Civil Code § 2945.4

21. Forging Deeds - California Penal Code § 115 & Penal Code § 470

22. Rent Skimming - California Civil Code § 890

23. Predatory Lending Schemes - California Penal Code § 487 (see Grand Theft)

If you have been charged with a white collar crime in California, and are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, call us now for a free consultation.

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The LA County Prosecutor's Office is the largest prosecutor's office in the U.S.

In Los Angeles, California, criminal investigations are generally carried out by local police in conjunction with the appropriate governmental agency in that jurisdiction.

These agencies cooperate with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in order to prosecute felony and misdemeanor charges that occur within Los Angeles County.

Defending yourself against the largest prosecutor's office in the U.S. requires a sophisticated defense team.

Our downtown Los Angeles law firm has experience defending cases against the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and can help you fight all types of criminal charges and government investigations.

Our team of criminal defense attorneys consists of individuals who demonstrate superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, and public profile in the downtown LA area.

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Sentencing Enhancements in California

General Taking Enhancements

General “taking enhancements” are codified under California Penal Code Section 12022.6. According to this section, defendants can face mandatory and consecutive additional prison time if the amount of money or property lost was exceptionally high. This enhancement statute is generally used in white collar crimes in California, but prosecutors are entitled to apply the statute to any other criminal activity that results in monetary loss to the victim.

Aggravated White Collar Sentencing Enhancements

“White collar sentencing enhancements” are codified under California Penal Code Section 186.11. This sentencing enhancement applies specifically to white collar crimes and any defendant who commits “two or more” felonies in connection with a white collar crime like fraud or embezzlement. According to the statute, if the money or property taken exceeds $500,000, defendants can face an additional 2, 3 or 5 years imprisonment.

Defenses to Criminal Charges in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles, California, defense attorneys have successfully represented clients in complex white collar crime cases throughout the country, and we play an essential role in defending people who have been charged with white collar crimes in California.

Police and prosecutors are primarily concerned with building a case against their suspect, not in finding the evidence that would exonerate them or prove their innocence. That is why you need an attorney to conduct their own investigation on your behalf and work with you to ensure the best outcome possible in your case.

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Recent Cases of White Collar Crimes in the California News

#1. Sober Living Home Charged With Insurance Fraud

In September of 2018, in Dana Point, California, five doctors, two executives, and four others were charged in an alleged insurance fraud scheme. According to Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, the doctors and executives were “exploiting addicts” to conduct unnecessary surgeries for profit.

A “naltrexone implant” is a device that is put into the body to automatically administer drugs to help reduce an addicts craving for opioids.

The doctors, in this case, are accused of scheduling surgeries for Naltrexone implants without providing the patients with the proper medical and physical examinations.

Unfortunately, the complaint alleges that some of the patients who were treated with this surgery were recovering from other addictions like methamphetamines--not opioids--so the surgery was not designed to, nor is it likely to have any impact on their recovery.

The other members of the alleged scheme are charged with going to the sober living homes and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to recruit recovering addicts and convince them to meet with these doctors who then administered the unnecessary opioid implant surgeries.

United Health and others were allegedly billed around $40,000 per surgery.

The executive owner of SoberLife USA was charged with:
- insurance fraud
- conspiracy to commit medical insurance fraud; and
- unlawful offer or receipt of consideration by claims handler for referral.

The doctors in the case are facing charges of:
- insurance fraud;
- unauthorized practice of medicine;
- conspiracy to commit medical insurance fraud; and
- aiding and abetting the unauthorized practice of medicine.

The defendants accused of recruiting patients are charged with:
- making false and fraudulent claims.

All of the defendants were also subject to sentencing enhancement allegations of aggravated white collar crime exceeding $100,000 and are facing time in prison ranging from 10 to 43 years.

To learn more about this case, copy the URL below:

#2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer AbbVie Charged With Fraud

In September of 2018, the California Department of Insurance filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court against pharmaceutical manufacturer AbbVie alleging that AbbVie used illegal kickbacks to promote the use of its rheumatoid arthritis drug Humira.

Humira is one of the world's best-selling medications, bringing in over $18 billion--yes that’s billion with a B--dollars in 2017.

According to the complaint, AbbVie allegedly used cash, trips, and meals--also known as “kickbacks”--to improperly promote Humira prescriptions.

The complaint also alleges that AbbVie used “white coat marketing” methods to pay doctors and nurses to encourage patients to continue taking the drug.

This is not the first time that the California Department of Insurance has initiated litigation against a massive pharmaceutical company.

What is unique about this case is that the previous cases were pursued by a joint effort of the California Department of Insurance and the federal government together against the pharmaceutical companies.

In this case against AbbVie, however, the California Department of Insurance decided to go up against AbbVie on its own, even after federal and state governments--including California's state government--declined to prosecute.

The point is that the California Department of Insurance is trying to exert power and be aggressive in its crackdown on healthcare fraud by deciding to litigate this case on its own.

To learn more about this case copy the URL below:

#3. Fraud on Founder of Palm Springs Air Museum Widow

In September of 2108, in Palm Springs, California, authorities put out a press release, asking for help finding an alleged fraudster on the run.

Sharvash “Sean” Vanian, who remains at large, is accused of stealing over $3.2 million from Jo Pond, whose husband, Robert Pond, co-founded the Palm Springs Air Museum back in 1994.

Mr. Vanians wife, Marie Hozanne Vanian, was also charged and found guilty for her role in the alleged fraudulent scheme.

According to prosecutors, the Vanian’s became acquainted with Jo Pond through one of her grandchildren. After Robert Pond passed away, the Vanians proceeded to convince Ms. Pond to let them help sort out the remainder of her husband’s estate.

The Vanians were somehow able to convince Ms. Pond to hire Mrs. Vanian as her personal assistant and let Mr. Vanian manage Ms. Pond’s trust account left behind by her husband.

Mr. Vanian allegedly siphoned “significant amounts of money” from Ms. Ponds trust account, used the assets in the trust account to purchase cars and pay himself a monthly salary of $10,000.

Mrs. Vanian continued the fraud by claiming to be the victims granddaughter and opening credit card accounts linked to Pond’s bank assets.

Mrs. Vanian then used these credit cards to go on shopping sprees and eventually racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars from luxury expenses.

The Riverside County Superior Court in California found Ms. Vanian guilty of financial elder abuse, identity theft, sentence-enhancing white collar crime allegation, and was sentenced to 6 years and 8 months imprisonment.

To learn more about this case, copy the URL below:

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What Makes Criminal Lawyer Group Different?

At Criminal Lawyer Group, we see our size as a strategic and important asset to your federal criminal defense. Due to a nationwide presence, we can do more than just offer a single strategy or viewpoint on your case. Rather, we can tap into a plethora of shared knowledge and information that is inaccessible to other law firms.

Whether your case is complex or a new question before the federal court, our team will have someone experienced in that area of law. Through a team approach to federal criminal defense, Criminal Lawyer Group taps into this experience, no matter where you or your case are located.

Essentially, you receive access to several of the United States’ top federal defense lawyers, without losing your point of contact and connection with a specific defense attorney. Want to learn more about our nationwide network of federal defense lawyers? Contact us today.

Hire a Firm with Local Knowledge and National Reach

Criminal Lawyer Group continues to expand and add new, highly capable lawyers to our team, but our focus on federal defense always accounts for individual clients. It’s a local approach to criminal defense that is ignored or forgotten by other national law firms.

We remain steadfastly committed to regular communication and careful explanation of any accusations against you. Our team is trained to be effective and efficient in every action, but never sacrifice the quality of your defense for any reason. We are familiar with the federal district courts and available to meet in-person, when needed.

These qualities continue to highlight our commitment to a local law firm mentality, even as we handle complex and high profile federal cases. This client-oriented approach to federal criminal defense leads to improved outcomes for our clients and better legal services along the way. As you face the challenges of a federal criminal case, our local mentality may make the difference in your defense.

If you or someone you know is currently under investigation or has been charged with a crime in California, please feel free to give us a call at (212) 736-0030.