Violence in workplace– isn’t it one of the issues we hear everyday in the news? According to statistics in US, at least one employee is killed every week as a result of violence in workplace and 20 employees get injured. This can be caused by current employees or former employees. This happens due to some disputes, misunderstandings and sometimes even due to the mental illnesses of the person.

How could companies protect their employees from such brutal attacks? We should not panic about that, however it is still one of our duties to keep ourselves protected. We may never know if our office mate or if someone we knew, was one of those people. Interviewed victims often say that the accused used to be one of their closest friends that is why they were not aware of their evil plans. What action can save us from these kinds of persons? The answer is criminal background check. This will spare us from the crimes happening these days because it will give us exposure on the background of the people we are dealing with.

A criminal background check is very important for companies who want to hire someone. If you own a company or if you are a part of the human resources department, you should know how to find a good background checking company so that you are confident that you are hiring people with no criminal records.

Background checking companies are professionals in search of criminal records so it is best if you leave the work to them. The company’s only concern should be about getting the consent of the applicant if you can do some criminal background check on them. You can have the applicant sign a waiver. After the waiver is signed you can now forward the necessary information to the background check companies or if you do not have a company yet, you can research on the Internet. Background check companies provide their clients with the up to date information.

The cost of criminal background check is very cheap. It would only cost you $10 for each applicant’s criminal database. You can do a state, federal or country research. Background checks can also save your company in future hassles and scandals.

Companies are also not the only one in need of criminal background checking services. Individuals also have to conduct their own background checking. An example of where you could use it when you met a person from a dating site. According the statistics, millions of people are hooked to Internet dating. This Internet dating sites are used by sex delinquents. The number of cases increases daily. If you are one of those who use the Internet dating sites, you should be aware of this scenario. A good advice is that do not meet up alone with the person unless you are sure that you are safe to be with them. Some persons are not what you expected them to be. You should also check their criminal records to make sure that you are not meeting up with the wrong person.

Safety should come first, and if you love yourself, you will do everything to spare it from harm.