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The Federal Crimes division of Criminal Lawyer Group handles all federal criminal cases from NY to LA and nationwide wherever admitted to practice and through the pro hac vice admissions process. The DEA, FBI and DOJ has some of the best federal lawyers possible, and only highly skilled federal attorneys can provide the best possible defense in NY & LA. Take a look at our recent case results, highlighted by federal crimes cases such as criminal money laundering and federal price-fixing.

Federal Criminal Charges We Handle:

All Federal Misdemeanors & Federal Felonies including:
Federal Cigarette Smuggling
Federal Computer & Internet Crime (Cybercrime)
Federal Manslaughter/Homicide
Federal Weapons Charges
Federal Human Trafficking
Federal Appeals
Arms Export Control Act

Federal White Collar Crimes:

Federal Antitrust
Federal Blackmail
Federal Bribery
Federal Embezzlement
Federal Enterprise Corruption
Federal Extortion
Federal FCPA
Federal Healthcare and Insurance Fraud
Federal Investment Fraud
Federal Mail Fraud
Federal Money Laundering
Federal RICO
Federal Wire Fraud
Federal Government Investigations

Federal Drug Charges:

Federal Drug Crimes including:
Federal Drug Distribution and Manufacturing
Federal Drug Possession
Federal Drug Sales
Federal Drug Trafficking

Federal Commercial Litigation:

Commercial Litigation
Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Civil RICO
Commercial Litigation
Labor and Employment
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