At Criminal Lawyer Group, we provide clients with an impeccable level of criminal defense and white collar defense in all types of government investigations. Few defense law firms, if any, can offer clients the unique background, specific experience and successful track record that Criminal Lawyer Group offers. Government investigations can arise for any number of reasons, but the results are always similar. Heavy prison time in federal penitentiaries, millions of dollars in fines and other severe penalties can cripple companies or individuals being investigated by federal or state government agencies. Our unique, results driven approach to criminal defense involves assigning multiple criminal defense attorneys to every government investigation. This assures a comprehensive defense, a 360 degree view of the case and the best results possible for your government investigation.

Successful Case Results:

Criminal Lawyer Group has successfully defended clients facing government investigations and charges, including: Client was charged with enterprise corruption and alleged to be the mastermind of a fraud worth over $5 million. Our Client faced severe criminal penalties with mandatory jail sentences, as well as civil penalties and possible criminal forfeiture of property. Criminal Lawyer Group was able to secure a disposition with no jail time and a civil penalty. Our Client was charged with Grand Larceny in the second degree (less than one million, but over $50,000.00) and faced a sentence with mandatory jail time. We prepared our client for an interview with the district attorney’s office. When our client left the meeting the assistant district attorneys were apologizing to them for their persecution. All charges against our client were dismissed.

Who We Are:

Criminal Lawyer Group is comprised of skilled white collar attorneys who each possess a unique background in government investigations. Many of our senior attorney team spent years in various New York district attorney’s offices, giving them a unique insight into government prosecution tactics, government investigations, white collar crimes and more. Our Government Investigations Practice Team possesses a successful track record representing corporations and individuals in high profile federal and state criminal investigations, international investigations and Congressional investigations. We also specialize in related civil and regulatory proceedings, including actions involving the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Communications Committee (FCC), United States Attorney General’s Office , New York State Attorney General’s Office and many other government agencies. Criminal Lawyer Group also counsels companies and executives on proper business practices. Our White Collar Attorney team is proactive in our approach and work with clients to adopt appropriate policies and practices to as to avoid government investigations and be prepared should they occur.

Contact Criminal Lawyer Group immediately if you are being investigated or charged by :

• ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)
• Attorney General
• Department of Education
• Department of Justice (DOJ)
• District Attorney’s Office
• Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
• FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)
• Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
• NY Comptroller
• Office of Investigations (OI)
• Postal Inspector
• Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
• Senate Committee
• U.S. Attorney’s Office
• U.S. Customs & Border Protection
• U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)