Removing Negative Online Content to Manage Your Reputation

The Criminal Lawyer Group offers online content removal services to corporate executives, politicians, business owners, criminal defendants, and anyone who is interested in maintaining or repairing their online reputation.

Online Content Removal

Our Digital Reputation Management Practice represents clients from across the country when they need help with:

  • Website Removal
  • Online Content Removal
  • Online Defamation & Libel

Other law firms ‘Reputation Management’ practices may only bury negative search results further into Google’s results pages.  We work on strategies and solutions to altogether remove damaging information and objectionable content from the internet.

Criminal Defendants Need Our Services

A criminal defendant’s reputation is often called into question long after the conclusion of their case.  This is due, in part, to the fact that information regarding their prior alleged conduct is publicly available through:

  • Criminal Records
  • Online Media Coverage
  • Government Press Releases

While your criminal record may be public information, online media and press sources make it difficult for a criminal defendant to avoid the stigma of having been charged with a crime; even if their charges were dropped or they were acquitted.  This can make it difficult for criminal defendants to seek gainful employment and housing.

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Online Defamation & Libel

Our Internet Defamation Practice combats defamatory cyberattacks.  When someone online has made a false statement about you or your business, you should call an attorney to find out whether that statement is actionable.

In order to sue someone for defamation, a plaintiff must prove:

  1. False and defamatory statement of fact;
  2. Published to a third party; and
  3. Injury to the plaintiff.

The element of “publishing” to a third party is met if someone posts something publicly about you on the internet.  If you know that the information someone has posted about you is false, you should speak to an attorney about filing charges related to online defamation and libel.

Revenge Porn

Our Revenge Porn Lawyers help individuals who have had their personal images or videos made public by ex-lovers, spouses, or friends.  By publishing your sexually explicit photographs or videos without your consent, these individuals are engaging a potentially illegal act.

Revenge Porn in New York:

On February 28, 2019, New York lawmakers passed a bill to outlaw “revenge porn” and allow victims to sue the person who had shared the revenge porn.  It is the first law in the nation to allow judges to order websites or social media platforms–in addition to the original poster–to take down the photos or videos.

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Additional Services

Many of our clients value our work and will sign on for additional digital marketing services to protect their reputation and the reputation of their business.  These services include:

Public Relations (PR): The Criminal Lawer Group’s network of public relations attorneys conduct targeted media outreach initiatives that allow our clients to connect with valuable media and press outlets to publish controlled content about them and their business.

Earned Media/Content Creation: By amplifying your exposure to the press and curating search results, you can take control of the narrative and provide context about you and your business to journalists and other media outlets who might otherwise be getting their information from unreliable sources.

Brand Protection: Maintaining the integrity of your brand’s name, symbol, or design can be difficult without someone keeping a constant watch over your brand’s online presence and digital footprint.  You worked hard to distinguish your brand from the competition. We work hard to ensure that your brand is protected from unsubstantiated news stories, blogs, and online content so that the public continues to associate your brand with the qualities that you want to convey.  

Intellectual Property Infringement: We work with our clients to protect their copyrights, trademarks, patents, inventions, photographs, and intangible ideas.  Our clients value having the Criminal Lawer Group by their side to protect their intellectual property and prevent individuals from gaining an economic advantage by using your property without your consent.

Monitoring and Prevention: We continuously monitor our client’s online reputation and branding initiatives to ensure that they are aware of any harmful content that goes live on the internet that references them or their business.  

These additional services allow us to build-out and establish a high-authority branding profile for our clients.  Relevant business accomplishments and awards are used to promote our client’s credibility as powerful leaders in their field.

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Why Should You Hire the Criminal Lawyer Group?

Affordable Flat-Fee Pricing

You and your business deserve a comprehensive campaign that is affordable.  We offer affordable flat-fee pricing for our clients in need of reputation management services.  By leveraging public relations, social media, and various content creation initiatives, the Criminal Lawyer Group is able to provide you with a complete reputation management service for an affordable price.

Strategic Partnerships

The Criminal Lawyer Group has direct partnerships with high-ranking Google News rated sites and authoritative blogs that host industry-relevant content.  By retaining the Criminal Lawyer Group’s reputation management services, our clients are immediately granted access to these outlets and an ability to generate content that is targeted, controllable, editable, and deletable.

Working With An Attorney

Working on your reputation management with a professional, like an attorney, helps you know that you are not being sold a product or bundle of services that you do not need.  At the Criminal Lawer Group, we recommend only those steps that are necessary to solve your particular reputation management issue.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Some reputation companies claim to “utilize legal services” but do not have any attorneys.  We are a law firm with top-rated attorneys who carry out their practice with respect for the confidentiality that our clients require.  

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