Criminal Lawyer Group White Collar Criminal Division defends cases that are white collar in nature as per the charges involved, as well as clients whom are white collar in background. A relatively minor Federal Drug Charge, for example, brought against a doctor might be as potentially disastrous to his/her reputation and practice as tax evasion charges would be to another individual. This is because the doctor faces the possibility of losing his or her license to practice medicine, which would obviously crush the individual professionally. The same is true for principals of hedge funds and others occupying high positions in the financial industries. Hedge Funds rely on outside fund and investor group capital contributions. These outside organizations typically run criminal background searches on key representatives and principals of the fund before committing to inject capital. Any criminal charge, even if it is still an open case, could result in the fund losing hundreds of millions of dollars in investor capital. In such cases, a less than fully dedicated criminal attorney will not likely deliver the necessary result. We cannot say that we specialize in white collar criminal defense as no criminal lawyer may call himself a specialist. However, as our criminal practice focuses most of its attorney hours to the defense of major crimes and large criminal cases, white collar criminal defense is our primary practice area. This is because the majority of the most serious criminal cases– for which the criminally accused has the resources to retain a seriously aggressive criminal defense attorney, or better yet, firm of criminal lawyers– turn out to be white collar criminal cases. Our white collar criminal defense practice focuses primarily on the following criminal charges: accounting fraud, investment fraud, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, RICO Act Charges, Enterprise Corruption, Health Care / Insurance Fraud, deceptive trade practices, SEC violations, insider trading, brokerage mishandling, illegal finders’ fees, Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing scams, lottery ticket scams, business crimes, organized crimes, gambling organizations, internet crimes, computer crime, bank fraud, Blackmail, Bribery, counterfeiting, Extortion, forgery, racketeering, land fraud, real estate scams, Jamaican fraud, Nigerian 419 scams, airport scams, confidence games, credit card fraud, obstruction charges and more.

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Featured White Collar Crimes:

Bank Fraud
Bank Fraud Conspiracy
Bank Secrecy Act
Check Kiting
Conspiring to Defraud
Criminal Tax Fraud
Enterprise Corruption
Falsifying Business Records
Healthcare and Insurance Fraud
Hobbs Act
Investment Fraud
Investment Fraud / Financial Fraud
Mail Fraud
Money Laundering
Mortgage Fraud
NY Martin Act
Scheme to Defraud
Securities Fraud
Wire Fraud