Law and order: criminal intent is the name of one of America’s leading television series. This is a series that is set in New York City where the first episode of the series was aired on September 30, 2001. This has been along running series where it is now in the fifth series and has been booked for a sixth season too.

Law and order: Criminal intent is a series that was created as a prelude to the long-running crime drama Law and Order. The actors in the series Law and Order: Criminal Intent are Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Courtney.B.Vance and Chris Noth. If you want to see the reruns of this series, it can be seen on the USA and Bravo Cable TV networks. The fresh episodes of the series can be seen on Sundays on NBC at 9p.m.

It is the work of a division of the New York City Police Department, called the ‘Major Case Squad’ that is depicted in the series Law and Order: Criminal Intent. This Major Case Squad is a branch of New York City Police that is specialized in the investigation of cases involving the high-profile citizens. The cases they handle are usually homicides involving local government officials and employees, VIPs, the art world and the financial industry.

Although Law and Order: Criminal Intent is a prelude to the series Law and Order, there are some differences between the two series. Here, more attention is given to the actions and the motives of the criminals. However, in the Law and Order series, attention was focused only on the police and the prosecutions’ side of the story. Another addition to Law and Order: Criminal Intent is that there is a montage in the teaser introduction of the series. This is shown before the title sequence where rapid cut-scenes depicting situations in the suspect’s and victim’s lifestyles are shown. These scenes are shown till the crime is committed. In fact, if watched properly, these teaser sequences provide clues to the eventual solution of the crime.

The series is centered on Detective Robert Goren who is a quirky but brilliant investigator who is known for his wit and instincts. He has an assistant that can be compared to Sherlock Holme’s partner, Dr. Watson. Detective Alexandra Eames is this assistant who has a good understanding with Goren. She is on the quiet and practical side, which is just what Goren needed in a partner!

Goren and Eames are supervised by Captain James Deakins who makes it a point to make periodical checks on all investigations they do. There is an attorney in the series, Junior Assistant District Attorney Ron Carver who is aggressive and idealistic. He is a legal figure who follows all laws according to rules and is always pushing Goren and Eames for more evidence in a case.

Detective Mike Logan is supposed to be a troubled detective who had worked in Manhattan’s 27th precinct as a homicide detective. He has a partner, Detective Carolyn Barek who had reached the highest ranks in the NYPD after living a hard life in the hardscrabble streets of Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill. Law and order: Criminal intent is a very interesting series to watch as it has plots and characters that are much more complex than that of the original Law and Order. This itself is enough proof that the series had been created while keeping a more sophisticated audience in mind.