The Criminal Lawyer Group (CLG) first established in 1997 by our founders New York Area CLAs Jacob Carney and Joseph Merrill. When the date shows 1997 our founders recognized the need for founding this group is an organized voice to represent the criminal bar. The base is in New York City and our submitted lawyers are dealing with criminal defense, sex crimes, felony, juvenile, misdemenor, theft, murder, burglary, drug crimes, driving, domestic violence, bonds and more.

Due to work load till ’97 we are newly having time to develop this site with enriching with some research articles of our member lawyers in order to add CL knowledge on the web. Our submitted lawyers are very experienced most of them worked for the other side so they know the system from the inside. Ourlawyers are also involved in the criminal justice system and maintain memberships in various professional organizations and associations. You can reach our prime member lawyers from our contact pages or you can email to our secretary so they can contact to you.

CLG is doing more than combining criminal lawyers online. One of the other aims of CLG is to introduce who is a criminal lawyer and what does he/she do for the world. What are the differences between criminal defense lawyers of different states, tips on choosing the best criminal defense lawyer, why it is important to hire the best criminal attorney to win a case. Nature work for criminal lawyers. Information on federal criminal defense attorney. Criminal Records. For students and upcomers like how does a criminal justice degree help or online criminal justice degree, why do you want tobe a criminal lawyer? What is the salary?. Or like giving some information how do the clients make a free background check. And for the young talents we are researching law schools for different states, comparing them due to their classes, voices on justice etc. We are also giving some educational knowledge like the “which one do you prefer attonery or lawyer?” In a sum CLG is also adding some content to the general law to extend and protect.

The CLG is an organization and an affiliate of the U.S.N.A.C.D.L., has strong ties with the States and works closely with C.C.C.D.L.