The moment a person does any form of crime; the crime is mentioned as a criminal record of the person. There is no difference on the type of crime that is done; let it be a single drinking under influence charge or a robbery; it is mentioned on the criminal record. When a law is violated, the offended person may be able to smile and forget the crime; however, this violation of the law will be mentioned in the criminal record of the violator by court and government. And this may sometimes give a bad impression of the person in all of his or her future lifetime opportunities.

Whenever an employer looks for likely candidates for employment, he runs the mandatory procedure of doing a background check on the applicant. By running a background check, the employer will be able to learn if the applicant has any criminal record. If at all the person has a criminal record, the employer is at liberty to check on the criminal record to see what felony or crime the person had actually done. And so on checking the criminal record, and the type of crime committed, the employer can decide if it is safe to employ the person or not. The person with a bad criminal record may find it difficult to get any form of employment.

Criminal records are found in the city and county databases. They are also found in the state archives. Nowadays with the advent of the internet, criminal records are easily accessible. The companies doing background checks are at liberty to conduct background checks and thus have continuous access to not only criminal records, but to any other persona information of a person. Of course, the police and the FBI also have criminal records of all criminals, and the crimes that they had done.

The state archives of a state are actually online databases of all public records, including criminal records. The state archives holds information about every governor, bills, acts, reports and of all proceedings of the supreme and appellate courts. So this archive can be considered the best place for one to access a person’s criminal records. Some states also have online databases of public records while others have online sites of criminal records of sex offenders. Then there are sites of the most wanted people.

County databases also have online databases that contain criminal records that are accessible to the public. Here you also find sites listing sex offenders; this is a site that has to be made publicly available, for the safety of citizens of a country. Some states also provide criminal record searches. Here a person can get a criminal record of felonies and misdemeanor arrests that took place in the state, for a fee. Sometimes, if the person searching for a criminal record comes up with the statement that no records were found, it is required to pay for the services rendered by the site!