If law is a subject that has always enthralled you, then criminal law is the best branch of law you should pursue. This is a part of law that deals with all crimes associated with sex, drugs, robbery, murders, etc. In fact, this is an exciting branch of law that needs all the knowledge you as a criminal defense lawyer have in you!

Criminal law can be considered to be complicating, detailed and very challenging to the criminal defense lawyer. So it is important that you have a passion for criminal law to succeed as a criminal defense lawyer. There are many schools and universities that provide you with an opportunity to learn criminal law. It is always better to pursue your criminal law degree in an accredited law school. This is because the degrees from these schools are recognized everywhere, and thus makes it easier for you to get an apprenticeship in any law firm.

It is always better to first visit your local criminal law firm office to find out what the lawyers say about this job. Talk to the lawyers and find what they like and dislike in criminal law. You should get a firsthand experience of the tasks that have to be done as a criminal defense lawyer and if it is as glamorous as you had imagined. Criminal law is very challenging, so it is required to think twice before venturing into this branch of law.

Criminal defense lawyers are basically ranked as advocates, attorneys, barrister, counselor and solicitor. The ranking changes with the experience of the criminal defense lawyer. Just passing out of law school is not enough to become a full-fledged criminal defense lawyer; it is necessary to keep studying law and the new laws regularly so that you can stay up to date with criminal law. Sometimes the new law proves to be beneficial to you to fight a case!

If you plan to become a criminal defense lawyer, you should be ready to travel as the lawyer does not spend most of his time in the office; it is spent in courtrooms, traveling to meet clients in their business places, homes, hospitals or even the prison! It is necessary for you as the lawyer to travel to different places to attend meetings and to gather evidence to make the case stronger.

Criminal defense lawyers basically don’t have any fixed working time hours. Work hours are irregular as they have to spend lots of time speaking with the client to prepare the case. Remember, the criminal defense lawyer is also known as an attorney who acts as both an advocate and advisor to clients. Advocates represent the client in criminal trials with arguments and presentation of evidence to prove the client innocent. The advisor advises the client on matters pertaining to their legal personal matters. So once you are sure you know all the duties and responsibilities a criminal defense lawyer has, it is up to you to decide on whether or not to become a criminal defense lawyer!